Why parking your real estate licenses with Royal Pro Real Estate is the smart choice?

Our primary focus, at Royal Pro, is on parking your real estate licenses. Offering licensed sales professionals a convenient solution to various challenges they may face. Many professionals opt to join Royal Pro for compelling reasons, including avoiding license expiration and the need to retake exams. Additionally, professionals may choose to take extended leaves from their business while keeping their license active. Make the smart choice by parking your real estate licenses with Royal Pro Real Estate.

Joining our team comes with extensive benefits tailored to the unique needs of licensed professionals. By parking your license with Royal Pro, you remain fully licensed under the Real Estate Services Act of BC. This allows you to continue leveraging your license within your referral network, maintaining it as a source of business income.

It’s important to note that while parked with us, you retain your license’s active status but are not considered a member of the Board or the MLS system. This distinction ensures flexibility and convenience while still allowing you to capitalize on your licensing status for business opportunities.

Parking your real estate licenses with Royal Pro, what does that mean exactly?

At times you may feel the need in parking your real estate license. Park your real estate license with Royal Pro as it provides a solution to keep your license active, offering the most affordable route for any real estate agent seeking temporary respite.

At Royal Pro they specializes in providing real estate agents with a comprehensive solution for parking their licenses. For real estate licensees who prefer not to actively engage in listing and selling properties, parking their license ensures it remains current instead of allowing it to expire. This option presents a unique “3rd” alternative, allowing agents to maintain the value of their license while taking a step back from active involvement in real estate transactions.

By choosing Royal Pro to park your license, you can rest assured that your licensing status remains intact, providing peace of mind and flexibility during your break from active real estate activities. Our streamlined process and affordable solutions cater to the diverse needs of real estate professionals, ensuring a seamless experience while keeping your valuable license active.

Royal Pro’s main business is a real estate agents solution for parking your real estate license. Real Estate Licensees who do not wish to be actively listing and selling real estate can keep their license current rather than leaving it expire. It offers a unique “3rd” alternative to keeping your valuable license active.


Why parking your real estate licenses with Royal Pro is beneficial?

Your costs are significantly reduced by parking your real estate license with Royal Proi

Your costs are significantly reduced.

You WON’T be paying:

Real Estate Board or MLS fees
CREA or BCREA dues
Company Franchise fees
Company social funds
Additional E&O insurance

Your ONLY costs are:

Your 2-year license and insurance fee

Royal Pro fees (annual or monthly)


Who is Royal Pro Real Estate Network?

Larry Ferster is the key figure behind our business, Royal Pro Real Estate Network. Larry’s expertise and dedication are at the heart of our operations. As a real estate agent himself, he understands the challenges and needs of professionals in the field. In fact Larry started Royal Pro over 25 years ago as he saw a need for this concept in BC. 

Our Testimonials

Choosing to park your real estate license with Royal Pro Real Estate is a strategic decision backed by years of expertise and a commitment to supporting licensed professionals. Led by Larry Ferster, a seasoned real estate agent with over 25 years of industry experience, Royal Pro understands the unique challenges agents face and provides tailored solutions. By parking your license with us, you not only avoid the hassle of license expiration and costly re-examinations but also gain access to a supportive network dedicated to helping you thrive. Trust Royal Pro Real Estate to safeguard your license and provide peace of mind during your professional journey.

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